Wednesday, January 12, 2005

So-called Knowledge based society

I am observing a catalytic change in people around me these days. As they are becoming more knowledge savvy, they have started to debate just over anything. And most of the time, people do not have a concrete argument to make but since, the topic is close to their heart, they argue it out. I conclude two things out of this. Firstly, most of them lack objectivity. This means that a point that can be explicated in two sentences takes ten and still, the point remains unclear. Secondly, people are becoming more conscious of the fact that knowledge is very important (read:essential) for survival in this so-called knowledge society.

I just read a news article on and it talked about the e-diary of a Delhi girl and her experiences of an adventerous trip to Goa last fortnight. I was unable to comprehend of why the article was there in the first place and even wrote the following to the Editor, Times of India:

The Editor,
Times of India,

Respected Sir,

I am very disappointed to see that the contemporary journalists these days
have a freewill offering and are publishing things like a Delhi Girl's
Diary. This gives an impression that the journalists do not have anything
concrete to post on the newspaper and that, they lack objectivity.

Warm Regards,
Anant Arora

The question one should have at the back of their mind while deliberating upon an issue is: Is there a reasoning behind your argument or an argument behind your reasoning?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Google is not bug-free!!!

I have been pro-google for sometime now, but the faith has suddenly started shaking after using two of the google's closely associated softwares: Orkut and Blogger. I had found quite a no. of bugs in Orkut but since it is still in beta phase, never complained.

It has been over an hour since a spam comment has been posted on my blog and am unable to delete it..can't find the 'Delete Comment' option anywhere. I have suddenly realized the importance of Software Engg. principles and have even started appreciating it, especially the importance of testing and designing phase; testing for the 'delete comment' option does not exist and designing for, even if it does, it is not user friendly at all coz even a computer geek like me is unable to find it. Conclusion: Google's web log for certain is not bug free.