Sunday, June 26, 2005

vrrrooooommmmmm vrrrooooommmmmm.....

Its been a while since i last logged into this blog, actually its been about a month-and-a-half but had no real news/happenings to put in here. I was actually bitten by slothfulness and to add to it, I was not really straining my grey cells as am on a vacation.

Vacation really, but only for about a week now. I am on a euroTrip, am currently in Uk for about a week now and would be heading for Belgium, Holland, Swiss, Germany and France in a span of about 10 days.

For the past one week, I have had quite a no. of experiences . I drove my brother's F360 (Ferrari 360 Modena), tasted the precious red wine (only tasted!), went to a no. of nightclubs (although no strip clubs in the kitty yet). Also, went to Wales last week and had a simmering treat there at the beaches. I am currenty in Leeds and would be heading off to London and then on the euroTrip further.

Uk is quite nice and pleasant for this period of the year, atleast for the Indians but its quite hot for people out here. Its about 20'C (at Leeds) and the day spans almost 19 hrs from morning 3 till 10 in the night. There is not too much of McDonaldization of the society as people feed less on Junk (read: american) food but they have a numerous kinds of chocolates n donuts n wines n especially, the Beer brewed in Uk is of far superior quality than what you get in India.

To sum it up, the quality of life is high, people are far more happier, noisy streets are endemic but nothing to match the Indian culture..

$%^%$^&&&^*More to come!!$%&^%*&^


At 3:25 AM , Blogger Naresh said...

Wow... Andy u hvng real fun! enjoy!!!


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