Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Google is not bug-free!!!

I have been pro-google for sometime now, but the faith has suddenly started shaking after using two of the google's closely associated softwares: Orkut and Blogger. I had found quite a no. of bugs in Orkut but since it is still in beta phase, never complained.

It has been over an hour since a spam comment has been posted on my blog and am unable to delete it..can't find the 'Delete Comment' option anywhere. I have suddenly realized the importance of Software Engg. principles and have even started appreciating it, especially the importance of testing and designing phase; testing for the 'delete comment' option does not exist and designing for, even if it does, it is not user friendly at all coz even a computer geek like me is unable to find it. Conclusion: Google's web log for certain is not bug free.


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