Thursday, November 04, 2004

Republicans have the last laugh

A toast to George Bush, the newly elected president of the Divided States of America. After prolonged deliberations and disputations, President Bush has seen the light of the day, stealing the win from Senator Kerry from the jaws of defeat.

Before the election campaign kicked off, I considered Bush an underdog for the presidential candidature. I say this for at least three reasons:
1. The war of terrorism post 911 went haywire.
2. Bin Laden could not be tracked down.
3. Outsourcing widened the income divide and left the Americans in the midst of peril.

To add to the controversy, Fahrenheit 911 saw the dawn and left Americans wondering on the insurgent and careless act of President Bush. To top it all, Laden released a tape a few days before the Dooms day that left Americans thinking…But the mindless Americans could not resist their unpleasant teething emotions and voted for Bush.

You must be wondering why the heck are we brooding Indians giving a damn to the US elections. Agreed that they matter to us when it comes down to outsourcing jobs, and economic policies, and foreign education, and technical as well as civil know-how of the things we never bothered to look into.

To my mind, America is a reckless piece of bugger that considers itself the super ordinate and wants to be treated that way. America has emerged as a global brand substantiated by hardcore willows like Nike, Coke, Levi’s, McDonald’s. It is rich in ethnicism and has emerged as a major economic power with a strong economy that can shatter down many others. You possibly can see the aftermaths at the dalal street once wall street crashes.

A recent anecdote in a daily newspaper commented,” Half of the American people never read a newspaper. Half never vote”. This clearly shows the non-bothering and insensitive chafe attitude of the people of America that are civilized enough to eat a chapatti with a fork but uncivilized enough not to exercise one of their most fundamental rights.

But for the Republicans, all’s well that ends well. As they call it, Bush has prevailed…


At 1:47 AM , Blogger enginerd said...

Hi Anant,
Bush hasn't just prevailed. He has been triumphant, defying all odds, inspite of a not-so-successful incumbency.

As far as India is concerned, neither Kerry's multilateralism would have made a significant impact nor do I expect Bush's unilateralism to be of any consequence.


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