Monday, January 31, 2005

What is L.I.F.E?

I have been pondering for a while as to know of what life is, why do people live (and not die), what is my aim in life and all sorts of such not-so-sane thoughts. I call my thoughts insane as they aren't commonplace and the society admits that all the things that are abnormal and do not go hand in hand with the decree of the society are insane. And since, most of the people that live around me do not give a damn to such thoughts, I call them not-so-sane.

It was one evening that I was discussing with some of my colleagues when the tick of the subject 'life' l/k/t-icked everyone. I was in the line of fire and I, very succinctly responded,"Life is an onion.....because you peel away layer after layer to find nothing at all". Was that a thought I really appreciated or was it to just make a point? I still don't know. I recently read that Life is what we are and why we are the way we are. Again, this is quite a paradoxical speculation because on one hand, it says nothing and on the other, it says everything.

Lacking the ableness to answer the question, the deliberation not turned towards the 'aim of life'. Again, when everybody had finished and nooked towards me, I said,"My aim in life is to die because that is the most difficult thing to do for any 'sane' individual", and we have been taught by our ancestors to always go for the hardest and the most difficult path 'coz thats where you'll find success at the end.

I think these are some of the thoughts that everone should think over (and that is why they are here on my blog). Somebody has said that life is short ("Is that individual insane? I can't think of a single thing that's longer than that!") and one should collect all his thoughts and ideologies in this short period of time. See, I have once again taken you for a ride.


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