Saturday, July 09, 2005

this and that

Finally, after a long trip for about 3 weeks in Europe, I am back in India. It kinda feels good as towards the end of my trip, I had a nostalgic feeling and wanted to get back home as soon as possible. It was a wonderful experience though, travelling throughout Europe and I must say, I had a helluva great time.

Europe is beautifully articulated in its entirety. Although, some people would agree with me that its also quite a bizarre place to be at. Its a place where you get drenched in the toilet if you do not come out in 3-and-a-half mins, where people do not blow horns even if the defaulter is standing inbetween the road and letting his dog piss on the street. To top it all, toilet water and drinking water are all the same ( I put it, hagge ka paani magge main).

Nevertheless, I enjoyed it thoroughly and had a couple of those rare experiences. But, no matter what people say about the West, India on my list would still reamin the best!

Anant Arora