Friday, December 31, 2004

Water Water Everywhere, Not a drop to Drink.

The recent Tsunami hit has had a devastating effect on the people of South-East Asia. Over 100,000 ppl. hav been reported dead and several others are missing. Critics have started arguing the fact that Nostradamus’ prediction is poving out to be correct; I don’t accord to that but we are in a peril for sure. Many do not know, but the disaster has had such a ravaging effect that it has even altered the boundaries of India; Indira Point being the southernmost tip has been completely submerged leaving kanyakumari to take its place.

People have contributed generously to the cause and are working hand in hand with the govt. in bringing the situation back to normalcy. But, people in Andaman are claiming that there isn’t a drop of water to drink and ironic as it may sound, people have started dying of thirst, leave aside the disaster. It is quite irate to know that the govt. is doing anything and everything they can to take the situation under control but mindlessly. Did not the bureaucrats give it a thought that people would be needing some fresh water to dwell on; and that they can put a fresh water pump at several places seeing the fact that saline water is ubiquitous at the site and it would only be needing a desalinization system? I admit the fact that people in India are quite sentimental and take everything to heart and hence, are contributing generously but it would be fruitful only when the money is used heedfully.