Friday, May 13, 2005

Is it time for another genocide?

In my last post, I pointed out that people can not exercise free will education because of the sheer masses that instill in the process. It has been a joker’s cry for years that in all probabilities (leaving out the exceptions) a rich man’s progeny would remain rich and the poor one’s poor. This does not mean that we eliminate the poor resulting in a tremendous increase of per capita income, and achieving our 2020 dream by 2010.

What I propose is to take up the Nazi model for WWII wherein you sterilize and discourage the poor people from expanding their civilization. Lets take this up with an example, suppose there are 10 people in India, 5 are rich with per capita income x and 5 are poor with per capita income y (by rich, I mean people who can meet their basic needs). Henceforth, the total per capita income of the country accounts to be (5x + 5y)/10. After sometime, (when the individuals reach their maturity date), rich multiply by a factor of 2 whereas poor by a factor of 4( primarily, because they are uneducated illiterates and do not know the advantages of nuclear families). Now, the per capita holds at (10x + 20y)/30 which is considerable less considering x >>y.

Our objective should be to encourage rich for larger families and poor for smaller families. Any dumb creepy vermint can also ascertain from the above facts that a rich offspring would prove to be a healthy and educated entity for the society and since, the country is made up of such cliques, it would definitely prosper.

Monday, May 09, 2005

India Education System is a Farce

For a while, I have been wondering of whether I am an engineer by choice or have I been forced into being one, as that is the only thing I or my parents knew at the time of the completion of my high school. Moreover, does my passion lies in screwing up things coz that is basically what engineers are hired for.

Education system in India is like sportfishing at the nets. You eat what you get. It’s been a pity that the students are not offered free-will education and are forced into whatever one can hang on to. You might blame the sheer competition that one has to rub one’s arse at, but is that the only primal reason or are we not exposed enough to pick our choices. I have seen people coming to me and asking of whether I have been placed in some top-notch MNC that makes (or breaks) softwares since I am at the edge of completing my graduation. I think once you are a graduate, you can easily sustain in this big yap fast paced hublahoo, but here, ‘Everybody wants a job, nobody wants a Career’.

The problem is Everyone wants a stable life, nobody wants to experiment or lead an abnormal life that lacks surety and security. Many of the tech titans that I have seen or heard of, had, at some point of time, put their careers and lives on the line and that is the reason of why they are there. I have said this time and again, If India needs to be counted amongst the zenith, they need to get on with their own instincts, make state of the art products coz otherwise, we would still be dependent on some other country for fulfilling our needs and henceforth, can be manhandled to say the least.

The other major problem with our education system is that, it teaches you how to acquire and memorize, not how to think. The entire game is of scoring high and that gets the balls rolling. The question that one needs to address is, whether India wants people who knows the result z when x is divided by y or who knows why is it z and not z`?